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Poulin, Mark


Filling county supervisor meetings past the point of bursting at the seams was not enough, Sanctuary Second Amendment Counties were not enough, Lobby Day was not enough: Democrats are moving forward with gun control legislation and legislation to prevent us from recalling them or even voting them out. Not only do they want to strip us of our Second Amendment rights, they want to increase the requirements to recall politicians who abuse us, they want to allow people to vote without identification, and they are after our First Amendment rights with a bill that would criminalize undefined “harassment” of politicians online.

Virginians have done everything we can to show our government that a slim Democratic majority gained in a vote of roughly 30% of registered voters is no reason to remove our Second Amendment rights.

What’s next? As legislators back us into a corner, we must let cooler heads prevail and offer yet another peaceful resolution:

Rural counties and independent cities shall secede from Virginia and be incorporated into West Virginia. It is our duty to throw off a government destructive to the ends of protecting our rights, the Founders informed us of this solemn duty in the Declaration of Independence. We have an opportunity to do this peacefully, West Virginia has invited counties and independent cities, who are against the legislation of Richmond that is destructive to the second amendment, to join their state where our rights may be better protected.

They are pressuring the people. We face few options, and they are attempting to eliminate as many of the peaceful ones as they can with their proposed legislation to prevent recalls and open elections open to fraud. We are the more reasonable people. We outnumber them. We surround them. We don't want civil war.

I’ve attached a resolution and petition for counties and independent cities to download, edit, and pass to petition our government in Richmond to let our counties secede peacefully and be incorporated into West Virginia; in it many of their proposed bills are summarized to show the shear amount of effort of the Democratic party to immorally, illegally, and unconstitutionally disarm peaceful Virginians. Please bring these petitions to your board of supervisors’ meetings.

We cannot bluff our way out of this one. We must be willing to secede if gun control passes.

Lobby Day didn’t work and I know Virginians will fight for decades to keep their rights. Let 2020 be the first Lobby Decade, I pray this peaceful solution prevents any violence and leads us away from civil war.

Lobby Day.jpg

We have this peaceful option left as these gun control bills pass. We are the ones taking the high road and attempting to remain civil, rather than engage in civil war, they are pushing us and we are being patient but clear.

Let the record show that gun owners want peace, and if any other result occurs it will be because of the tyrannical actions of our Governor, Ralph Northam and the legislators who are trying to strip Virginians of their natural rights.

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