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NASCAR, Ebay, Amazon and other censors have you stumped as to how to get a "Confederate" Flag (actually called the Virginia Battle Flag: there are three different Confederate Flags none of which are what many identify as a Confederate Flag these days)?


Well add some LGBT pride to your southern pride, and all of a sudden no one will know what to do. Everyone knows that you cannot ban anything that's remotely LGBT.

Offend and confuse leftists who want to ban the "Confederate" Flag, and the other extreme of folks who might want to ban the pride flag.

#ThisVirginiaBattleFlag #ThisPrideFlag #Confederate #SouthernPride #LGBT #Pride


This is a presale: once 30 orders are placed I will have these shirts printed and begin shipping them out: so there may be a few month delay. I thank you for your patience.

Presale - Virginia Battle F[l]ag T-Shirt

  • No returns nor refunds.

  • Shipping within the US is $5.00
    No shipping outside of the US

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