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Thanksgiving 2020


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Poulin, Mark


Today is Thanksgiving 2020, the year of the coronavirus:

Balloons parade past Macy’s Department store almost like any other year; except that there is no one there to watch, the streets are empty.

Badly autotuned “stars” sing to no one in particular, the nearest people to them are camera crews and there are no live audiences.

Bands (wearing masks around their chins) are playing loudly, blasting spittle through their horns, unironically in their minds, clearly unaware of the irony of this reality.

Grown men in pink tutus and lingerie over their clothes prance about with wands, fairy wings, and masks; not for the pride parade but for the Macy’s parade. They broke quarantine lockdowns to hold their pride parades already, but are being given a special place in the Macy’s parade as if they have not already paraded.

Governors have all but banned gatherings in our homes for the holidays, and still you can gather in mass with strangers at shopping centers and grocers. We’re told to limit alcohol, not to play loud music, not to hug, not to shake hands, and only to gather with the people who live in our own homes in our homes. We’re told to follow curfews. We’re told it is unsafe to be with extended family at home, but it is only safe to be with absolute strangers when we are out shopping.

Some governors are even shutting down the food supply by closing businesses and grocers who have employees who test positive for a virus with a ninety-nine percent survival rate.


            We’ve been asked to unite and heal as a nation; after a fraudulent election with many counties receiving votes from over one-hundred percent of their registered voters, poll watchers being blocked from their sites or being forced to stand twenty to thirty feet away from ballot counters, and Pennsylvania counting 2,500,000 mail in ballots after sending out only 1,800,000. All this after four years of being told that Russia selected President Donald Trump last election, we are now told that voter fraud in this election is non-existent and that the new “president-elect” Joe Biden was legitimately elected.


            We’ve been turned against each other, we’ve been lied to, and worst of all we have been encouraged to report our neighbors who actually gather with family for the holidays. Martial law is being tested, and many of us are obeying. Americans, are acting like Germans prior to the holocaust and are turning in their neighbors for simply living their lives, practicing their faiths, and gathering as their rights allow. What has happened to individual liberty? What happened to America? What happened to the nation we were raised in? What happened to us?

            Governors undermine the duly elected president. Bureaucrats undermine the duly elected president. Courts undermine the duly elected president. Congress passes off its responsibility to pass tariffs off onto the president, then criticize him for using the power they handed over. Congress passes off it’s responsibility to legislate practically everything else onto bureaucratic organizations that constantly change codes in ways that are impossible to keep up with. Anything left over is legislated from the bench, or by the executive who until Trump was elected every executive order went unchecked. Democrat leadership and the media proudly announce that they are making lists of Americans who support the duly elected president, or who are for a return to our Constitutional Republic.


            Government is attempting to replace nannies, teachers, mothers, fathers, and worst God Himself, by controlling every aspect of what we do.


            I’ve encouraged everyone I can to disobey the lockdowns, to celebrate their Thanksgivings and Christmases with their families. I’ve encouraged everyone I can to keep arms at their sides, as lists are made of us dissidents.


            I encourage something else much more loudly though. This Thanksgiving feels wrong in many ways. Still there is much to be grateful for. Many Police and Sheriffs have pledged to not enforce unconstitutional lockdowns and gun laws, risking and potentially sacrificing their livelihoods. Our elders have been dying alone in isolation, from neglect in overburdened nursing homes, that were infused with people sick from the pandemic. With or without the virus our elders suffer and die. We are kept from being with them in their final moments, and they die with strangers far from home, if they are lucky enough to die while someone is with them. We cannot go back and hold the hands of our loved ones; we cannot go back and give them the time we’ve squandered listening to government edicts.

We can be thankful for their sacrifices though, and we can be sure they have not died in vain. Many people are waking up and beginning to realize that the contrary, ridiculous, and overbearing regulations are wrong and harmful.


So, I loudly encourage we move forward thankful to God for all things He does for us and for good, be thankful for the sacrifices of others as sad and avoidable as those sacrifices may have been, and thankful for those who are gradually realizing the folly of blindly trusting government. This Thanksgiving I am disobeying the lockdowns I will enjoy a great meal with family, a meal provided by God, my family, and a nation founded upon liberty. I will thank God for that meal and for my family. After the big meal I will fast, and thank God again for the abundance available to me. I will carry arms to defend all that I am thankful for, and will welcome any who are realizing that our governments are not acting to preserve health nor safety but to expand their control over us.


If you came early or late to the realization that more government is no solution, I welcome you. It is time to obey our God, thank our God, and to disobey our government that is trying to replace Him.

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